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Platform matters: a new wearable experience

Wearable applications are new and unknown. This requires new design approaches and architecture choices. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to jam a mobile app into a smart watch.

When developing for a smartwatch you need to understand the potential user, their lifestyle and the functions they require. Only then can you address the limits of a smaller UI, limited I/O and smartphone communication dependencies.

This is where Magnifica can help. Our team have explored the many benefits of hands free wearable tech - increased convenience, safety aspects and distraction free access to information and functions.

Leveraging the benefits of wearables

Wearable tech is becoming increasignly popular in the consumer market and now companies are looking at how they can leverage these devices in their business.

The opportunity to capitalise on the benefits of wearables is now, yet very few know the in's and out's of the technology.

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A single provider your app's infrastructure

Magnifica's expertise in cloud hosting & development make us an ideal partner when developing wearable applications as they commonly require integration with a broader application ecosystems.

Our cloud first approach to custom software gives us the expertise to deploy the back-end services that your app needs. Our skills in Azure and Amazon AWS mean we can deliver a wearable app that scales both from a software and infrastructure requiremnts prerspective.

A team of expert wearable developers

Our expert team of app developers are constantly adapting to the latest shifts in technology. Our specialists are given the time they need to learn and test the latest SDKs meaning when it comes to building your wearable app our we can leverage the technology to it's full potential.

As a team we are always looking for ways to put new technologies to the test. Read our blog post about the Open Data Sheffield Hack The Marine hackathon where we built a wearable app call "CoastWatch".

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We believe organsations should start strategising sooner rather than later to understand the benefits and potential issues of wearable technologies. Understanding the technology now allows them to develop a well defined plan for leveraging wearable technology as competitive advantage.

We would love to chat to about how you think wearable technology could benefit your organisation. Let's start the conversation today.

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