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6 ways Magnifica partner with digital agencies to deliver technical projects

By Rob Gregory on 09/08/2016

Sheffield has lots of awesome digital marketing agencies. In fact if you want a website, e-commerce site or specialist digital marketing expertise finding a great agency isn't hard.

Sometimes however even the very best digital agencies need a little technical support. That's where Magnifica come in. Everyone at Magnifica has previously worked in senior level roles in digital agencies so we know how it works, we understand the pressures of agency life. Partnering with us helps you get projects done and out the door without compromise or delay.

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Hack The Marine: Wearable tech meets Defra open data

By Rob Gregory on 26/01/2016

Hack the Marine: Wearable tech meets Defra open data

I can see the many benefits of a health wearable such as a Fitbit or Jawbone Up but smartwatches for the sake of it just didn't do it for me. My opinion changed recently when we attended a hackathon and built a wearable app.

Wearables entered the consumer-tech market about 2 years ago and we've been keeping a close eye on their development ever since, especially smartwatch devices. It was however the physical act of building an app for one that really opened my eyes to the possibilities and limitations of wearable tech in 2016.

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Kickstarting a Product Redevelopment #4: Development Strategy and Approach

By Rob Gregory on 16/12/2015

Development Strategy and ApproachWhen it comes to delivering a quality digital product having a killer development strategy is where the top software development companies standout. In this post I'll cover how our technical team plans bespoke software development projects with clarity and purpose.


You are redeveloping a digital product. So as a project team you've planned your architecture using great decision making tools and methods and you've settled on the correct technology choices for your product redevelopment. Next up you need a strategy to actually deliver the development.

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Learn to Code Workshop hailed as "Inspiring" by coding newbie

By Rob Gregory on 23/10/2015

Leeds Business Week - Learn to Code Workshop

Having previously delivered a Learn to Code workshop teaching the basics of html and css we decided to step things up a gear for Leeds Business Week.

With most businesses now understanding automation is the key to increasing efficiency our latest workshop aimed to showcase the power of code in every workplace. The workshop was designed to give attendees practical programming skills they could take away and use in their own organisation.

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We're running a "Learn to Code" Workshop at Leeds Business Week!

By Rob Gregory on 01/10/2015

Leeds Business Week

Discover How You Can Reduce Repetition in Your Business

A fun, interactive workshop where you’ll learn the basics of coding from 2 expert software developers. You’ll leave the session with a greater understanding of how the internet works having coded your very own Google Apps Add-On! All in 2 hours.

Don’t worry – absolutely no experience is needed to take part in the workshop. We’ll keep it simple!

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