We Engineer Innovative Software Solutions that Improve Business Process & User Experiences

Here at Magnifica, custom software is what we do best. Using a mix of technology and creative thinking we empower our customers to achieve more.

Our solutions come with the Magnifica 24 month Confidence Warranty - the UK's first and only!

We're proud of our industry leading 100% honest and transparent software warranty | Find out more

Custom Software Development

Our custom software has the power to transform your business by adding competitive advantage.

Mobile Applications

From line of business mobile applications to consumer apps we know how to get the most out of mobile device development.

Software Integration

Systems that talk successfully to each other make businesses more effective. Our technical people make integration work.

Technical Consultancy

Having a team of technical experts you can really rely on gives your business a competitive advantage.

We let our customers do the talking

Creative, collaborative partnerships - that's the Magnifica approach

When you are developing business critical software you need a partner you can trust to react quickly as the needs of the business change. Magnifica have proven themselves to be that partner. Matthew Tongue - Operations Director

Stainless Steel Fasteners Ltd - AppCentre

Stainless Steel Fasteners wanted to automate their product certification process and gain greater insights into their raw materials data. Find out how we helped them...


Why choose Magnifica

A dedicated team of technical experts 100% focussed on customer service

Better user experiences

It's no accident that the most used software in the world is also the most usable. Designing for user experience is at the heart of our software development processes.

We engineer innovative solutions

Innovation means different things to different people. For us innovation is about finding where custom software can make the greatest impact in your business.

Fibre platform

Fibre takes care of the foundations, plumbing and services of our solutions which means we can innovate together safe in the knowledge that we building on a tried and tested platform.

Our quality just is

Attention to detail comes as standard at Magnifica. Talented developers, quality processes and rigorous testing procedures back that up.

Genuine support

Support isn't about reacting when a customer has a problem. Genuine support is about being part of proactive team that understands how things work and can be relied on.

Ultimate reassurance

Our customers rely on the solutions we engineer to run their businesses. That’s why we offer a Magnifica 24 month Confidence Warranty on all custom solutions.

Who we do it for

Stainless Steel Fasteners Ltd Cost Advice Leeds Beckett University BIE Group Calderdale College Motan Colortronic Raleigh International