6 reasons forward thinking businesses choose custom software

30 September, 2014 · 2 minutes to read · written by Rob Gregory

Custom Software

When a business identifies the need for new software its Managers or Directors often hastily purchase a "package" as a quick fix, a way of solving the problem and moving on. This sometimes work out but in many cases this approach turns out to be costly as the package simply can't meet the needs of the business and more time and money is wasted trying to get the software to do something different to how it was intended to be used.

The business could change its processes to fit the software package but in reality that's going to be hard to achieve and could be detrimental to the company's unique offering.

So in many cases custom software would be a much better choice for a business, that's tailor-made software that meets their needs exactly. Here are 6 benefits of choosing custom software:

1. Only pay for what your business needs

Why buy an expensive software package that comes with extra features that you won’t ever use? Custom software is designed to fit all of your businesses needs which means not only is every feature built for you it works the way you work too.

2. Costs won't grow as your business does

Software packages are usually priced on a per user licence model. This means every time your business grows this is matched with an increased overhead in terms of software. Unlike off the shelf software, custom software does not incur additional licence fee costs when your business expands, meaning that there are no unexpected expenses. Of course you might want to extend your software as you grow but this down to you not the people that develop your software.

3. Software designed to fit

A software package will never fully cater for your needs. In some areas you will either have to compromise your business functions or customise the software, which can be time consuming and not always possible. Custom software, because it's built for you and your business, will do exactly what you need it to without you needing to change anything. However sometimes building customer software can be part of a wider change plan so can be great opportunity to refine your business.

4. No tie to a technology vendor

When you buy a software package you are relying on the technology choices the vendor makes. For example it's down to the vendor to add features to the system and these might not always be the features you need. Plus there is the risk that the vendor decides to discontinue the support of the platform you use to run your business. Bespoke software does not have these issues since it is made to fit your exact business requirements, is flexible as they evolve and is built by people that really know you and your business.

5. Cutting consultant costs

When you buy a software package, you are will also end up paying for high-end consultants to do the implementation for you. Choosing custom software could save you money by allowing you to choose a development partner within your budget and compatible with your existing technology.

6. Giving you ownership

By using bespoke software you can own the rights to the software you have helped to build. A software package is never truly your own, with it being the responsibility of the vendor to make improvements, but with custom software, you can implement what you like and gain an edge over your competitors.