Digital Skills Training

We help upskill professionals in ways that enable them to innovate faster using technology.
Our course designers and trainers are proven technology experts who continually update our learning packages to ensure they are at the cutting edge of technology.

Training courses designed by experts

We are a technology company that delivers solutions to a range of global customers. So it's only natural that our technology skills training is designed by the very experts that deliver these technical solutions.

Training courses delivered by experts

Our trainers aren't simply given a course to learn and deliver. We know that's not going to deliver the best results, so that's why all of our trainers are technical experts that work with the course designers to create materials that really inspire.

Recent skills training courses

Course details Skills Duration
Build a mobile app in two days
A fast paced course designed to introduce novices to the exciting world of app development. During the 2 days delegates will discover the basics of app development and build their own app that interacts with a set of backend web services.
Cordova Ionic Framework REST CSS 2 days
Learn to code workshop
Delegates learn about the architecture of the internet, how the world wide web works and then code their very own website.
HTML CSS 1 day
Business automation: Coding a Google Sheets add-on
In this course delegates learn how to build a Google Sheets add-on. Using a fictional mobile camel grooming company the add-on automatically generates a daily job schedule from data stored in a spreadsheet.
JavaScript HTML Half day

A great snappy introduction into the world of coding. For me, it re-introduced me to the joys and challenges of writing real code. I look forward to doing more over the coming weeks and months.Rhys Davies - Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

Well hosted. Good level of tuition in a very short space of time.Jenny Cross - Freelance Researcher

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