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AAG Systems wanted to display real-time performance statistics on their website. Magnifica's approach enables AAG to show statistics from an internal business system on their homepage by simply adding 2 lines of JavaScript.


Live SAGE Data

Updated every 30 minutes


AAG Systems is an IT Solutions and Managed Services provider based in Sheffield, UK. AAG use a leading platform to provide remote monitoring and service desk services to their customers. This platform collects detailed information about the status of their customers' devices. It also collects data related to the service level AAG provide in responding to customer support tickets.

AAG wanted a way to show real-time performance statistics on their homepage - their monitoring platform holds this data but AAG needed a software partner to deliver a solution. AAG asked Magnifica to come up with a solution that would allow them to easily expose this data via their website.

It was key that the statistics were as real-time as possible and that they fitted into the homepage design seamlessly.


AAG's monitoring platform includes an API that exposes a subset of its data via a series of SOAP web methods. After investigating what data the API could provide we quickly designed a solution that met AAG's needs. By regularly polling the API we are able to gather live statistics ready to display on the website.

The solution polls the API every 30 minutes and a simple JavaScript widget displays the latest statistics to the website visitor.


AAG Systems can quickly add the statistics to their homepage by adding a single JavaScript reference and one simple method call. Each time the homepage loads the Widget returns mark-up containing the latest performance statistics.

The simplicity of our solution means that AAG can use the Widget to display live statistics on any web page they choose.

We even included a way for them to dynamically apply styles to the stats via the JavaScript call. The added flexibility we built into the solution ensures the widget can still be used even if the AAG Systems website design changes in the future.

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Matt Shore - Technical Director at AAG

Customer thoughts

Magnifica were able to identify our requirements and work with us to achieve our needs. Their attention to detail and knowledge played a key part in the success of the project. We have several other projects that we hope Magnifica will be playing a key role in. Here at AAG we are really excited about this progressive partnership with Magnifica they show forward thinking and an innovative edge that integrates with AAG perfectly.

Matt Shore - Technical Director at AAG

Key information

  • SAGE integration via SOAP API
  • Data updated every 30 minutes
  • Mobile responsive stats panel
  • Add to any website with just 2 lines of JavaScript code
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