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Atlantic Pumps are always looking for new ways to add value to their customers. This innovative approach led them to embark on an ambitious project to roll out an Internet-of-Things pump monitor product. Having a long-term and very successful partnership with Magnifica we were their first choice as the lead technology partner for the project.



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The advent of Internet of Things devices, ubiquitous connectivity and a market desire for improved reporting all informed Atlantic Pumps decision to develop an innovative product.

The IoT pump monitor project was a natural extension to the Pump Asset Register software we previously developed.

Atlantic Pumps had an internal team working on the hardware and connectivity elements of the project. At Magnifica we were to handle the data reporting and data ingest from the IoT monitor devices.


Integrating with the existing Pump Asset Register functionality was developed to associate a monitor device with a pump record along with a feature to pause data collection.

Next we worked with the engineers at Atlantic Pumps to define a technical and data specification for the data ingest API. Once agreed the API was developed and bench tested with the prototype monitor device.

Finally the pump monitor dashboard was developed using the data received from the monitor associated with a pump record. The dashboard includes trend indicators for daily and weekly consumption, totals for total power consumption and total running hours and a line chart to show the previous 4 weeks rolling power consumption.


As with all new innovations there were some early issues that needed to be ironed out during testing. After the test phase was completed and Atlantic Pumps had finalised the design of their in-house developed IoT monitor the solution was ready for live trial.

Early testing has shown fantastic real-time data collection and reporting rates which is already helping Atlantic Pumps and their customers to monitor live asset performance and performance over time.

The number of live monitors will increase over time and we have already begun looking at how the data collected could be modelled through machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer proactive asset maintenance in the future.

Bill Noakes - Chief Marketing Officer
 at Atlantic Pumps

Customer thoughts

Integrating a real-time monitor portal into our existing Pump Register is an exciting step forwards. At an early stage, we have some big ideas for this innovation.

Bill Noakes - Chief Marketing Officer at Atlantic Pumps

Key information

  • Built using our Fibre Platform
  • Custom data ingest API
  • KPI pump dashboard
  • 4 weeks consumption trend charts
  • Hosted as Microsoft Azure App Service
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