Calderdale College

Online Due Diligence System


We built an online Due Diligence system for Calderdale College's External Funding Department. Making the process 100% paperless made it really easy for Training Providers to update their details and for Calderdale College to manage submissions.



Failure Reduction


The External Funding department were faced with the time consuming task of manually collecting due diligence questionnaires from new and existing Training Providers. Before a funding application can be accepted each Provider must submit a 10 page questionnaire.

There are two problems with collecting this data using a paper based system. Firstly busy company owners found it hard to find the time to fill out the questionnaire. Secondly the External Funding Department where experiencing large workload spikes during busy periods.


We worked with the College to move this totally manual process online - a secure Due Diligence Questionnaire solution was delivered by our technical team.

The hosted solution not only streamlined data collection but also allowed Training Providers to save their submission and come back later. After a period of use the ability to upload evidence was added to the system too.


Training providers now feel confident that they can quickly and easily submit due diligence information, making it a lot easier to start on their funding application. External Funding Department staff now receive regular notifications when a new questionnaire is submitted as well as a report of all data in the system.

Data integrity is greatly improved and the workflow is streamlined which saves both Training Providers and the College a lot of time.

Mark Whelan -  at Calderdale College

Customer thoughts

From conception to completion Magnifica's advice on what would work best for us was smart and insightful. Their solution has enabled us to increase our supplier base substantially

Mark Whelan - at Calderdale College