Certification Pack Automation


Stainless Steel Fasteners of Chesterfield wanted to automate a previously manual product certification process. The main goal was to gain greater insights into their raw materials data whilst also improving document generation, management and retrieval.



Automated cert packs


Reduced paper costs


SSF is a manufacturer of high integrity nickel and exotic alloy fasteners supplying the Nuclear, Offshore, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper and Oil and Gas industries. Faced with a set of fragmented, in-house developed legacy applications, SSF needed a robust, future proof platform to manage raw material data and Product Certification.


Magnifica built an “Application centre” for Stainless Steel Fasteners, providing a single codebase and interface through to which to access and manage all functionality. Linking in with an existing Active directory implementation, the solution provided access to the system via already established authentication methods.

To automate tasks, we built a background service to process data and discover documents, feeding information back into the Application Centre and the existing ERP system. Magnifica provided a friendly and detailed staff training program and a compressive support package.


Users can now quickly book-in new raw materials and see which specifications they conform to - providing access to information that was previously difficult and time consuming to identify.

Documents that were previously printed are now stored, versioned and managed via the application resulting in a large reduction in paper usage.

This quick and innovative solution delivered by Magnifica has enabled Stainless Steel Fasteners to explore further opportunities to develop digital ideas and process improvements across the organisation.

Magnifica delivered a solution both on time and within the agreed budget which has ensured a continued happy relationship built on a successful initial delivery.

Matthew Tongue -  Operations Director at EMI Group

Customer thoughts

When you are developing business critical software you need a partner you can trust to react quickly as the needs of the business change. Magnifica have proven themselves to be that partner.

Matthew Tongue - Operations Director at EMI Group