Label Printer App


Magnifica helped Stainless Steel Fasteners improve data capture and the efficiency of their despatch department. We delivered a bespoke Label Printer application with barcode scanning capabilities. Our solution was tightly integrated into SSF's existing ERP system.





Faster fulfilment


SSF asked us to build a Label Printer application that integrated with AppCentre and their ERP order fulfilment workflow. To speed up order fulfilment process SSF and Magnifica looked at the best way to introduce a barcode scanner that retrieved data from the ERP system.

We also looked at how to combine this input device with a high-throughput thermal label printer to quickly generate detailed shipping labels.


Understanding the device requirements Magnifica chose Microsoft WPF as the best fit technology choice. WPF was chosen for a number of reasons:

  • Ability to accept input and output from named devices
  • Ease of adoption within SSF’s existing Microsoft Windows environment
  • Integration with other Microsoft services
  • User friendly interface

Magnifica delivered a Microsoft Windows client application that allowed the user to search for an order using either a barcode scanner or through keyboard input.

The user could then easily review and update order data before approving (approval workflow) and creating a dispatch label. Once fully approved a one-click print function sends the dynamically generated label to a thermal printer.


Magnifica’s solution replaced an existing outdated application and its hardware brining closer integration with AppCentre and SSF’s ERP system. Today SSF generate dispatch labels with greater detail and accuracy resulting in better all over delivery process.