Sitefinity Website Upgrade


Using our knowledge and experience of the Sitefinity platform our experts seemlessly upgraded the UKPIA website from version 3.7 to version 7.3.



Risk Reduction


UKPIA were looking to upgrade their Sitefinity CMS to the latest version.

It had been identified by their digital partner DW Agency that upgrading from Sitefinity version 3.7 posed certain challenges as the platform had been through a number of major releases since the site was built.


DW Agency engaged Magnifica as their technical partner on the project. With careful planning and a quality led project approach we delivered a seamless, problem free upgrade to version 7.3 in a matter of week.

Magnifica established strict acceptance criteria and defined a shared test plan. These strategies meant that the end customer, DW Agency and Magnifica were able to work quickly to upgrade the site.


In just 4 weeks Magnifica delivered a fully upgraded website to DW Agency and their end client.

During acceptance testing only two CMS issues were reported by the client - we were able to quickly gain sign-off and prepare the site for launch.

A well planned deployment resulted in a smooth launch of the new website with no down-time.

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Nicholas Del Conte - Director at DW Agency

Customer thoughts

Magnifica were in charge of a delicate Sitefinity upgrade spanning 4 versions and going above and beyond what was required. They delivered a product which made everyone very happy.

Nicholas Del Conte - Director at DW Agency

Key information

  • Rapid turnaround
  • 4 major release upgrades
  • Full testing - backend and frontend
  • Deployment to live environment
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