Training Course: Introduction to using SQL in your business

03 June, 2014 · less than a minute to read · written by Magnifica

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SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database programming language for querying information stored in a type of database that is popular for both web applications and for internal business systems.

As businesses gather and maintain more and more information in these types of databases new skills need to be learnt. Having the ability to retrieve and mine your companies data to make or validate business decisions is becoming increasingly important.

This course will provide you with an introduction on how you can query a SQL Server database to leverage the data within your companies systems.

No existing SQL knowledge is required. Familiarity with relational database concepts is helpful but not required, however you should have basic computing knowledge.

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Course content

  • Using SQL Management Studio
    • Using Object Explorer
    • Running queries
  • Creating databases
    • Designing databases
    • keys
    • Indexes
  • Working with tables
    • Creating tables
    • Data types
    • keys & Identify fields
    • Default values
    • Relationships & foreign keys
  • Simple Queries
    • Creating queries
    • Comments
    • Indentation & case
    • Filtering
    • Ordering 
  • Calculations
    • Aliases
    • String functions
  • Dates
    • GetDate
    • Converting dates
    • Date functions
  • Joining tables together
    • Inner Joins
    • Outer Joins: LEFT, RIGHT, FULL
  • Aggregation and grouping
    • Grouping by fields
    • SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX
    • Counts
    • Using HAVING to filter results

* Please bring a Windows laptop with wireless Internet connectivity. (If you don't have access to a laptop, please contact us for other arrangements.)