Magnifica software developers run a "Learn to Code" workshop

23 May, 2014 · 2 minutes to read · written by Rob Gregory

Find out what happened when 2 Magnifica software developers ran a 3 hour Learn to Code workshop!

About the workshop

At Magnifica we love to code. We also love sharing our knowledge and experience with other people.

That's why we decided to run a FREE "Learn to Code" Workshop in conjunction with Destination Chesterfield and Chesterfield Borough Council Innovation Support Project.

We hosted a fun, interactive workshop where 10 local business people learnt the basics of coding from two of our software developers. People left the session with a greater understanding of how the Internet works and a webpage they had hand coded themselves.

What did we cover

In just 3 hours we covered the basics of the web, taught the attendees how to use HTML and introduced them to CSS. Each attendee created their very own website. From headings and paragraphs through to links, images and styling their content everyone left understanding the building blocks that make up a website.

"Is was great seeing how quickly people with very little or no previous technical experience picked up the basics of HTML. With attendees from a spread of business types, ages and experience we weren't sure how the session would work out.

Everyone got stuck in, helped each other if they got stuck and weren't afraid to ask questions - just like the very best dev teams the session was all about collaboration and learning."

Craig Pickles - Magnifica Director

Why we ran the workshop

At Magnifica we believe coding is more about solving problems than the language or tools used, running a learn to code workshop allowed us to introduce people to logic and ways to structure information. These are key skills that can be used to solve problems in other areas of business.

As well as learning new skills we hoped our workshop would increase the attendees confidence when communicating with technical partners such as Magnifica.

"At the start of the session people were apprehensive and a little shocked when we first introduced code to them!

That didn't last long. It was amazing to see the difference in just a couple of hours. By the end attendees were asking us questions about how they can learn more."

Rob Gregory - Magnifica Director

Most of all we wanted to share the fun and enjoyment that can come from coding no matter who you are. Coding is creative and can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their background, experience or goals.

What people thought

The workshop was great fun to run and from the feedback both during and after the event it appears that the attendees found the session really useful.

"Great event for first time web design, Would be good to have follow in events."

Gail Widerman - Placing Futures Ltd.

"Well hosted. Good level of tuition in a very short space of time."

Jenny Cross - Freelance Researcher.

This was a hugely successful workshop, watch this space for future events.