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Red Arrow Trading, an electrical manufacturuer and wholesaler, looked to Magnifica when they needed a robust Quality Management System developing for their business.



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Red Arrow Trading are a UK wholesaler of lighting and electrical supplies. They use a number of manufacturers in China to produce light fittings. In order for them to meet their quality management requirements Red Arrow needed a software based Quality Management system.

Red Arrow came to Magnifica as we had previously worked on a sales dashboard and so they were confident in our technical abilities. Also being a custom software development company based in Sheffield Magnifica is close at hand to offer support.


After a scoping workshop it was agreed that a custom QMS would be developed using our Fibre Platform. Our software engineers were able to build a solution that included users and permissions, notifications, file management, audit trail and workflow. The system is made up of 3 core modules that allow for the management of Suppliers, Products, and Orders.

Magnifica also developed an API within the solution that allows Red Arrow Trading’s SAGE software to make changes to order records in the QMS. This 3rd party integration removes the need for time consuming manual data entry and the potential for human error.

A fully responsive web application the new QMS is accessible over a secure connection and can be used on any device, and in any country.


The new QMS gives Red Arrow a single place to manage all Suppliers, Products and Orders and to collect the required quality information. The new QMS enforces a quality process that gives senior management a live view of the progress of all new Products and Orders.

The audit trail and reporting tools allow for any issues to be quickly highlighted and resolved and for improvements to be made. The ability to log any failed inspections, along with reasons, means that users can quickly view the progress of an order from a quality perspective.

Never before have Red Arrow had a dashboard view of the current status of all orders. This increased visibility has proven instrumental in increasing the quality as well as delivery of orders from their China team to the UK.

Key information

  • Developed using our Fibre Platform
  • Bespoke Suppliers, Products and Orders modules
  • Live KPI dashboard
  • Workflow - enforces Red Arrow Trading quality management process
  • Document managment tools including version control
  • SAGE accounting software integration
  • Automatic standards documents expirey notifications
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