Fibre Platform

Fibre is a rapid application delivery platform. Fibre empowers organisations to embrace technology today, innovate quickly and gain that all important competitive advantage.

How does Fibre work?

Fibre gives you the best bits of building custom software coupled with the benefits of a proven solution. Software that makes your business shine is the key to success in today’s technology led world - Fibre is a Rapid Application Development Platform that empowers your business.

Continuous feature delivery

Businesses often highlight areas where they can get ahead. Fibre allows you to quickly develop new features that set you apart from the competition and see the benefits immediately.

Robust automated testing and deployment policies gives you and us the confidence to act quickly delivering new features when you need them. In fact some of our customers release new features daily.

Fibre is built on .NET MVC, Microsoft's latest web technology platform. We are continually upgrading and improving Fibre based on ongoing project activity and client feedback.

Businesses of all sizes are choosing the power of the cloud. Microsoft are resourcing heavily for Azure and here at Magnifica we are aligned with this strategy - Fibre is built for the Cloud.

A relationship that gets you ahead

We become part of your team – by becoming a team member that makes you more successful as a business we continually work with you to improve your custom software. As with all great team members we are continually developing and innovating.

On-premise Cloud or Hybrid.

Fibre can be deployed on your local network, in the Cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Fibre hosting options image showing On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid.

Why hybrid? Keep control of your data locally whilst getting the benefits of Cloud processing and scalability.

What can Fibre do for you?

  • Quickly gather key business data and documents
  • Gain deeper insights into your business operations
  • Create ways to visualise data
  • Make important business decisions faster
  • Integrate with Office365
  • Ensure your systems and information are auditable
  • Define and enforce personalised workflows
  • Easily generate tailored and branded business documents
  • Quickly integrate your other key systems
  • Better engagement with your Customers and Suppliers
  • Create custom notification rules that deliver the information you and your team need immediately
  • Quickly find the information you need using express search tools
  • Swiftly configure complex users groups, teams and roles

Fibre examples

Fibre is used by a range of organisations across the globe as the platform of choice for their custom software projects. Discover how our customers use Fibre.

Quality Management System

 for Red Arrow Trading
Red Arrow Trading

Quality Management System

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Energy Markets Data Visualisation tool for Cost Advice
Cost Advice

Energy Markets Data Visualisation tool

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Repairs Management System for AAG Systems
AAG Systems

Repairs Management System

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